Admission Process

  • Fill in online inquiry form or at one of our centres in Ballygunge / Alipore
  • Make a visit or discuss on phone about course syllabus, fees,  batch timings, course requirements.
  • Pay fees and register your child.
  • All Certificate Courses have project work and assessment. Please check the assessment criteria and project evaluation rubric at the time of enrollment.
  • For queries call us at +91-8335075374 or email at
Working Hours for Admissions

Monday to Friday 11am – 6pm and Saturday upto 4pm

Payment options
By cashcheque in favour of “MakersLoft Pvt Ltd” or bank transfer. Payment made to MakersLoft is non-refundable.

See the age criteria in individual courses below

 Early Simple Machine
Maker Activities
 App Development
 Simple Machines
Powered Machines
Robo Coding Junior (WeDo)
 8-113D Printing
Renewable Energy & Pneumatic
3D Designing & Printing
 Robotics Fundamental
3D Doodling
Design Engineering
Robo Modelling
Website Designing
Robo Science
 Graphic Designing
Robo Coding Senior

Student Feedback
To give parents full visibility of what their child is learning, we have introduced Student Digital Portfolio, where students document what they have learned in each class. Parents are given access to the portfolio link which they can access anytime. Individual student portfolio is visible to student’s parents only, unless they wish to make it public. In addition, parents can setup a 1:1 meeting once a month with the trainer to get feedback on their child’s progress.